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 The Carel Corporation is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in hydrogeologic and groundwater monitoring projects at waste disposal sites.   The firm provides hydrogeologic, groundwater and other environmental services to over 65 waste disposal facilities in six (6) states.  Most services are provided to municipal solid waste landfills.  In addition, we also service three (3) hazardous waste facilities, three (3) industrial disposal facilities, two (2) TSCA waste disposal sites, three (3) petroleum waste disposal sites and five (5) construction/demolition waste facilities.  Our services include:

•    Groundwater Monitoring Services;
•    Statistical Analysis and Report Preparation;
•    Groundwater Monitoring System Design;
•    Groundwater Monitor Well and Gas Monitoring Probe Installations;
•    Subsurface Investigations;
•    Preparation of Permit Modifications;
•    Preparation of Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plans;
•    Preparation of Alternate Source Demonstrations;
•    Investigations Concerning the Nature and Extent of Environmental Releases; 
•    Assessment of Corrective Measures;
•    Groundwater Remediation; 
•    Landfill Gas Monitoring and Remediation; and
•    Surface Water Monitoring.

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